★ 4 In Your Face Reasons Why People Use Auto Likes ★
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4 In Your Face Reasons Why People Use an Auto Like For Their Facebook


FaceBook has reached over 1.5 Billion People

FAKE Social Media Has No Sign Of Ever Stopping…


With Recent News Of Famous Celebrities and Top Companies Faking Their Likes


Celebrity clip


It’s Clear That People Scour For Ways to Enhance Their Social Media


No! It’s not a secret.


Here’s is an auto like analytic (165 000 a month – Google Analytics July 2015) – the figure is currently way more


Sourced: Google Analytic July 2015 / 165 000 Monthly Google Searches for Auto Like

People buy fake likes – but we won’t hold it against you.

People Want to Get Noticed … it’s just Natural.




4 IN YOUR FACE RREASONS to why people use an auto like on their Facebook



1) It’s all About the Numbers.

auto like


Finding your targeted audience means pumping up your new fans and followers – the more you have, the more valuable impressions you will make. And with engaging content, your initial impact will cascade exponentially to reach thousands more!


–  More is Better –


 By running your own Auto Like application, you will increase your organic reach far beyond what you can do by just following and commenting on just a few groups.


Big Numbers = Bigger Results!




2) Cheap and Crazy Marketing Tool.

auto like


An auto like can make a difference. It’s like having a full team of marketing agents posting on your behalf. It’s truly clever and creative way to advertise!


Get your message out there with this simple to use way to have new friends actively and organically come to your page. All you need to do is entice them with interesting and engaging content- something you do already!


Establish Good Content – The Auto Like App Does The Rest





3)  Carly.. = EXPOSURE

Creative Commons Image by: Lunchbox LP – Carly Rae Jepsen


Exposure is about reaching a larger percentage of your followers with content they want to engage with – after all, it’s why you’re using social media.


Your message has the potential to create a revolution – and with FriendMonkey backing you up, you have the audience to accomplish your dreams.


The Importance of Exposure





4) Attention-Grabbing Value.




With nearly the entire planet engaging daily online, it’s a virtually untapped market.


By getting your FriendMonkey application running, you have the strength or concentrated FB Group marketing targeting the exact niche communities that will bring you the numbers you deserve.

auto like

It’s not rocket science to clearly see why the auto like community creates mind-blowing value.


Whether its adding a social circle or running a campaign, for a few dollars, you can smirk off the next marketer that boosts their campaign cost a million dollars to run.




With emails having autoresponders, bots crawling the net, the world has gone automated.


Should Social Media be automated?




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