Auto Like App - Don't Use FaceBook Without Reading About This
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Auto Like App for Facebook – Don’t Use Without Reading About This

Auto Like App for Facebook – Don’t Use Without Reading About This


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Are You Curious About Using An Auto Like Facebook App? Might Wanna Consider Reading Secret Tips For Sky Rocketing Any Facebook Profile


So you created or posted content for your Facebook. We all know it’s important to get your message out and attract delicious attention right?


Auto Like App for Unlimited Facebook Attention

The ‘auto like app’ has strongly been used for many social media campaigns – particularly Facebook. It’s great to see that you want your message largely publicized and promoted. If you are one of the many who are keen on highlighting their Facebook profile, you might want to continue reading.


auto like facebook app

There are officially two auto like types floating around. If you wanted to have instant profile likes (click farms) and/or send out automated likes to get incoming views, just be sure that you know which ones are right for your Facebook profile.


Here Are The Two Types:



TYPE 1 The Automated Auto Like App

auto like app

This auto like app is a automated programming code that auto likes active content, comments, and status on any page.


Whenever you auto like a specific group, hundreds of interested traffic will receive an instant notification showing that you liked them.


auto like app

Active people online will be interested on the like notification and curious to check out you and the valuable content on your profile.




TYPE 2 The Fake Auto Like (Click Farms)

auto like app

The second technique is the fake auto like where we purchase ‘fake likes’ on any page to create instant credibility.


Coders create a multitude of social media accounts where they instantly ‘click farm like’ a targeted profile.


The result is instant likes!


Businesses and Celebrities create this in order to gain more instant credibility about them or their services.



2016 IMPORTANT UPDATE: Some free (click farm auto likes) could get your Facebook profile blocked or suspended. User discretion advised.


*On a good note: Friendmonkey is updated on the latest FB liking practices.



(AUTOMATED) Auto Like Apps are The New Clever.


Want to manually get traffic? Think again. FB doesn’t you want you to be mega-popular too quick.

like to think

Manually over using (outgoing) friend requests and comments will get your FB Profile account suspended.


Automated auto like apps help counter Facebook’s limited friend requests and comment limitations by automating the Facebook’s like system.


Currently, Facebook allows 350 -400 likes a day 100 likes an hour ( max 400 in 24 hours) and our team helps you to automate them from your profile. It comes in handy for any affiliate marketing or just boosting any Facebook business online.


There are no limits when accepting incoming friend requests and likes catch only active FB users.





Automated Auto Likes Brings Real Facebook Views


Lets face it! …It would be ideal if we just got up every morning, signed in, post, shared, re-tweeted our important messages, and grew our campaign.


We decided on a different approach. Auto Like Approach.


Here’s the official video commercial and a step by step guide below.



Tested Auto Like App ( commercial)



We love using the latest tools and the creative content to instantly get more viewers and followers!


A Step by Step Guide – How It Works:


Tested With Amy – Amy’s Demo (3:58)



Automaton Increases Your Numbers


We Believe That Automated Auto Likes Is Best For Boosting More Numbers.


YES …it’s all about having more people and getting more heads to turn your way.


Did you know Hollywood Celebrities were the first to Automate Likes for Social Media?


Now it’s your turn.



100% Safe and Secure. Tested. No Blocks Guaranteed.


We loved our auto like project. We hope you like it too! We like feedback and comments to help us improve. Thanks.


NO. We don’t make non-sense malware or sneaky software.


Priced for under $10. Exclusive: Purchase – Upcoming Oct 2017 on the Chrome Store




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  • amanda
    Posted at 05:39h, 04 June Reply

    Works. bought this auto like. awesome for 5 only bucks. Does what it says – real likes and traffic checking out my stuff. Had two sign ups -so totally worth it. be careful with those other free likes because it got my facebook profile suspended- this one works okay so far.

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