Friend Monkey - Who Are We?
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 Friend Monkey Developers   

David LeeCreator | Innovator | App Designer

Our FriendMonkey Team loves working together. We create unique tools for social media. Our busy team works damn hard on Facebook and other add-ons that provide the best spotlight for your favorite social media platform.

   Timeline & Growing    

  • 2014. We Branded together friend monkey and immediately focused on what was important - designing online popularity apps for everyone.
  • one year later made online friends and knowledge. People wanted to code our projects.
  • another busy developmental year and several web and product redesigns. Looking great!
  • over 1000 cups of coffee served and 100 kgs of trail mix munched on.
  • currently designing upcoming social media popularity add-on applications.
  • Doors Open June 1st 2016

we DESIGN SUPER POPULARITY browser extensions and add-ons

Friend Monkey uniquely design popularity apps for Social Media. We provide unique shortcuts to your social media profile and exposure. Is it time to get started on a starlight campaign?

Unlock The Potential Of Your Social Media

Get Noticed Today.


Browser extension are very common these days. Browser extensions extend your web browser with additional features, modify web pages, and integrate your browser with social media applications used.

Heads Up - frequent updates are necessary. Social Media consistently changes it's outlets and features.

safety and security is our priority

WE Protect: from Malicious browser extension and web viruses.

All Our Friend Monkey Products are Strictly Verified through a Firefox third-party security verification. To reduce risk, we kindly suggest not to upload, share, or obtain so called 'free' or 'trial' friend monkey product versions as they can be copied/hacked and loaded with malware and/or dangerous viruses.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to download from an Authorized Friend Monkey SECURE site.

OUR Commitment and PROMISE      

If for any reason on 7 days of your download you are not happy with your apps or campaign, - please contact us:  support and we will issue you a product refund.

Inquires? call or leave a message ​to our customer care line.

 Monday to Friday MST

1 866 235 3029

We Want To Be Sure You Love Our Products. Some Products Maybe Sold Out. However, We Strive To Make Popularity Apps For Everyone.

Get Noticed With FriendMonkey Apps

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