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How To Reveal Your FaceBook Creepers and Still Play It Cool

How To Reveal Your FaceBook Creepers and Still Play It Cool

Creeper Notice


How To Reveal Your FaceBook Creepers and Still Play It Cool.



Let face it. Creepers are everywhere.


I like most people, enjoy posting, scrolling down shared feeds and of course creeping other people’s profiles.


If I ever got to reveal creepers on my profile,  I’d shockingly be interested in who they were – and of course keep my cool.


Fortunately, now I can.

new app idea


It’s totally satisfying finding out revealing secrets. This app easily shows all top creepers on any FB profile. – usually ex-crushes, secret admires, real-time BFF


Here’s a snapshot of the FREE download before and after. It shows all my active Facebook Creepers plus an expand function (up or down) making this creeper app a great addition to any Facebook page.



Facebook Page

before creeper notice



NEW! Facebook Page With Creeper Notice

after creeper notice





The FREEmium app is for my laptop and installed using Firefox or Safari.

Obtrusive? Hardly. Creeper comes with easy toggle and simple ON / OFF features.



Easy On/Off Button | Refreshed Screen

before after on off





Now it’s time to get revealing.

The surprise comes from a clickable daily reveal of a #1 creeper (premium version)


It reveals new creepers everyday



creeper notice reveal

When I click my #1 Creeper Notice, it reveals who is my top daily creeper on my Facebook. Yes that’s my coolest crush Jessi who chats with me daily – she’s in the #1 position for the whole week 😀




Link Download Firefox Windows/Mac Above


safari download

Link Download Safari Above

sun glasses


Now, I play cool by purchasing my Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses. This reduces the new shine coming out of me.


A couple of days later, I run into Jessi and she smilingly asked – what’s up with the shades?

I confidently tell her – nonchalantly of course,



 “I ‘m toning down my hot appeal.”



  Fantastically Owned :)

  Check Out Creeper Notice (Firefox) for FREE here.




Creeper Notice is available on laptop Firefox/Safari.


And also for iPhone or Android Phones soon.




Creeper Notice for FireFox or Safari


– Instantly Reveals Your Facebook Creepers.

– Confirm a Possible Crush? A Stalker?

– 4 Million+ People On YouTube Video Project.


– Reveal Your Creepers.


creeper for sale

*free download for free version / upgrade FULL version is $0.99



mobile launch








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