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how I used a like booster on facebook to get delicious attention

how I used a like booster on facebook to get delicious attention

like booster



Watch Users Check My Profile V1.07  – $48  (V1.08 Available)



A Like Booster Brilliantly Increases Traffic On My Facebook. Hooray!


fb notification

We all love using social media – especially Facebook. If you’re a big fan for increasing more people to check out your FB profile, we did exactly that.


like booster



 We fantastically innovated Facebook features that help us with:



  ✅  posting on Facebook and attracting comments and likes.


  ✅  meeting new people and deliciously showing off our Facebook Profile!


  ✅  introducing products and affiliate links.



 A Like Booster continually helped gain NEW and Rewarding Fans.




I Definitely Love Fresh Faces and Spotlight – The Insider Scoop.


A Like Booster helps get me more attraction. How?


Let me explain.


Like Boosters are personal robots who continually like Facebook groups users for you. In return for the mega ‘likes’ we sent out, new users check out your profile from their personal notifications they get!


Users will reciprocate the favor of liking their post or comments by checking or liking your content back. This human trait is scientifically referred to as the law of reciprocity.



give likes get likes


WARNING! Don’t be confused by those Click Farm Likes. They are fake and don’t create traffic for your profile. Besides, click farms are being monitored by Facebook and could get your FB profile suspended.


fake likes
Like Boosters are 100% safe, because they replicate your personal Facebook liking.


Our team of persistent and ambitious coders are hard at work to easily get back the real and juicy traffic you deserve.


Yes, we guarantee active Facebook group users to deliciously look at your profile!




How To Use Like Booster



1 – Join your preferred Facebook group and wait for approval from group




2- Apply all FB setting to ‘public’.

privacy settings



3- Login to group and Press “Auto Fan Finder” to widely auto-open all liking options.

auto fan finder



4- Press “Auto Like” ( automated) and steadily enjoy the delicious attention.

auto like



5- Repeat for more traffic every 24 hours resting time.



Lifetime Use. Hooray!



Get A Lifetime Stream of Incoming Views.


✅ Both for mac and windows (desktop/laptop) approved.


✅ Mobile support available for future updates.


like booster

promo like booster 9.99



✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee.


✅ Both for mac and windows (desktop) approved. (New Version 1.08 Released)


✅ One Time Fee. Easily Purchase with Confidence.



faq and tipsGive 24 Hours  minimum break between every like booster for %100 safe and secure usage.


While we update our work, feel free to leave your comments and feedback to help us improve…


➡  ..while you secretly kick-ass for your next social media campaign!





The FriendMonkey Team.





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