★ How To Unblock Facebook Photo Verification ★
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unblock facebook photo verfication

How To Unblock Facebook Photo Verification

UPDATE:  want to unblock FaceBook Photo Verfication?


Facebook has integrated Photo Verification

And With The Social Media Changes…


Getting awesome Facebook attention is still easy.

…just as long as current rules are followed.


Here Are Some Common Ways To Piss-Off Facebook’s Algorithm for Unblocking Facebook Photo Verification:

  • more than 7 Friend Requests in 4 hours.
  • more than 400 likes per a day
  • writing too many comments in 4 hours
  • posting sensitive material that was reported by your followers
  • posting nudity or sexual implied content that was reported by your followers
  • NEW! using some auto-like click farms


Granted these figures are subject to change at anytime from FB’s Ever Changing Policy Team.

However, they represent an accurate representation of NOT what to do for your Facebook account(s).


unblock facebook

Source: Modified Creative Commons – Pixabay


Seriously!!! I Goofed – Now What??? I want to unblock facebook


Our Friend Monkey Team Ensure Quality Standards On All Our Products. It’s our job to monkey around with all types of social media. :) In short, we break things on purpose to find out what happens. The good new is that we have tested various ways to unblock Facebook and it’s computer-generated verification. If you are looking for a DIY loophole or Automated Services from FIVERR we confirmed two ways to unlock the coded suspension.


Here Are Both Ways




(this got way too tedious for most people – but some of our techs like this kinda stuff.)



2) FIVERR PAY UNLOCK (2-3 days)

fiverr unblock


Just outsource these kind of projects


There are several pay unlocks. By following trusted reviews, the results look promising.


This specific gig (who I have used to purposely trigger verfication) provides an honest professional service. It just makes sense to test all of our apps before release. Btw – No commission is given to us for our testimonial. Be Sure to look at other services and price comparisons. See The link below.


— Click Here For The Fiverr Link —


There are different pricing for services – look around! Some can be flat rate. However in our experience, most gigs charge with more friends – which requires more time and work

Note. Some Accounts CANNOT be unlocked due to extreme circumstances..  A Fiverr Gig Expert will gladly let you know.

Charges are determined based on numbers of friends you have in your Facebook account.

  •    1    – 1000 = $5
  • 1001 – 3000 = $10
  • 3001 – 5000 = $15


FriendMonkey’s Commitment Policy


FriendMonkey Auto Like App Are 100% Safe To Use. Tested and Secure. No Blocks Guaranteed.


Using FriendMonkey as your auto like program brings you the peace of mind and a solid advertising campaign brings at a fraction of the cost, and is completely on the up and up as far as the Facebook terms of service are concerned.




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