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– Terms of Service
– Privacy Policy







Friendmonkey ‘s website and extensions are brought to you by The terms “our”, “us” and “we” denote friendmonkey which offers This Website, also, all the tools and Services available in our website.
By using our service, you agree to respect all the clauses of the Terms of Service either stated in this paper or accessible by any link found in these terms.
Please examine this paper cautiously prior to any use or any service purchase.
In order to take advantage of our services or website you need to approve ALL the clauses of this contract.
We have to right, to limit the sales of our Auto like extension to any person or any state;
We have the right to change the price of our Auto liker extension at any time without prior notification;
We reserve the right to shut down any service at any time without prior notification;
We don’t warrant that our Auto like extension is bought are as labeled or error free.
Your entire personal information, gathered throw our website is ruled by our Privacy Policy.
Sometimes there may be some errors or imprecisions related to our service prices or descriptions. We reserve the right to revise these imprecisions or annul any order if we found any inexactitude related to our service at any time without prior notification even after you submit a command.
All our users have to know that they can’t use our website or service:
(a) For any unlawful purpose;
(b) To use third party software to put our website or service in danger;
(c) To infringe any agreement or law in any state or country;
(d) To infringe our or other’s academic or technological properties;
(e) To transmit viruses to our website.
(f) To abuse Facebook policy.
(g) To modify Facebook Services.
You agree to protect and hold harmless and all our associates or team from any claim, including sensible advocates’ charges, following your desecration of these Terms of Service or your violation of any law.
If we found in our sole judgment that you miscarry to obey to our Terms of Service, we could terminate this consensus without notification at any time.
Our Terms of Service and any related contracts are ruled in harmony with the regulations of United States of America.
Please check this contract regularly for any changes.
We reserve the right to review, adjust or alter any clause of these Terms of Service. Any changes will be posted directly to this contract. It is your obligation to check this contract regularly for changes. Your continued use of our Services next to any alteration to these terms signifies your approval to these changes.
If you have any question or inquiries regarding this Terms of Service should be referred to us at



Privacy Policy of


918 16 Ave NW, Suite 555
Calgary AB,CAN T2M 0K3
Phone: +1 866 235 3029
Fax: (currently being updated)

Personal Data Collected

In this “Auto like extension” we might collect personal Data simultaneously when a user connects to our “Website or extensions”; The Personal Data also might be autonomously delivered by the user.
Personal Data may be referred to: Cookies and various type of Data.

Other Personal Data could be Detailed in this Privacy.

Any Personal Data gathered by this “auto liker extension” or by any third party services used in our “instant popular extensions” is used unless stated otherwise, to identify users, improve our services, protect our services or to provide the services, and it might be impossible for our “Website or extensions” to provide the service as described if we fail to collect certain Personal Data.

Usage of the Logs

Any Private Logs gathered by this “Auto like extension” or by any third party services used in our “Website or extensions” is used unless specified otherwise, to recognize users, improve our services, protect our services or to provide the services, and it might be impossible for our “instant popular extensions” to provide the service as described if we fail to collect certain Private Logs.
We keep the Logs gathered for the required time to provide the service demanded by the User.

Alterations to this Privacy Policy

The “auto liker extension” regulators reserve the right to alter this privacy when needed. It is your duty to check often this privacy to be informed with most recent privacy and if a User objects to any of the changes to the Policy, the Customer required to stop using this “Auto like extension“ and can demand the deletion of their Private Logs.

How and Where We Treat the Logs


The Administrators treats the Logs of our Clients and users in an appropriate way and will take proper security procedures to avoid illegal access, leak, alteration, or illicit damage of the Logs.

In some situations, the Logs could be available to certain people in charge, involved with the process of the “Website or extensions” ; among other we can site; sales, administration, legal, marketing, system administration,…) or also to third parties service suppliers among others we site; hosting sources, IT corporations, communications agencies).


The Logs treating is performed using information technology tools, using organizational actions linked to its selected dedications in United States of America

Detailed information


This service allows the “Website or extensions” Possessor to observe and explore the “Website or extensions” traffic to know more about the user’s comportment.
Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

This “Website or extensions” takes advantage of Google’s technology for the web and traffic investigation. The Gathered Data are used in order to know more about the user’s comportment. The Data might be used by Google in order to improve its own ads platform.
Private Data Gathered: Data and cookies.
Place of data handling: USA –Privacy Policy–Opt Out

Handling Payments

Payment handling services allow this “Website or extensions” to process payments by credit cards or other funds. To guarantee better safety, this “Auto like extension” shares only the required information form the deal with the monetary mediators that conduct the deal.
PayPal (PayPal Inc.)

This service is provided by PayPal Inc., which permits consumers to make on-line transaction using their Paypal credentials.
Private Data Gathered: Data and private information.


Privacy Policy


Selling digital goods on-line

The Private Data Gathered are used to offer the User with services, including payment and possible provision.
The Private Data Gathered to ample the payment might concern the credit card, the bank account used to transfer the money or any other source of payment anticipated.

Communicating with the Consumers

Contact us form:

By using the contact us form, the consumers allows this “Website or extensions” to use these information to answer the requested materials, prices or any kind of demand.

Private Data Gathered: User-name, Name, Last-name, Email, Various Type Of Logs.
More information about the collecting and usage of the Data

Authorized act

The consumer’s Private Data might be used for lawful purposes by the Regulator, in Court following inappropriate usage of this “Website or extensions” or the associated services.

The Consumer is aware of the circumstance that the regulator might divulge private Data upon demand of the authorities.
User’s rights

The consumers can, at any time learn about their contents, data, Data, files, leaflets and basis, to verify their accuracy or to call for them to be improved, canceled, updated or altered. Appeals should be sent to the “Website or extensions” regulators at the contact information fixed out above.

Alterations to this Privacy Policy

The “Website or extensions” Owners have the right to modify this Paper at any time. It is recommended to check this page often to see the date of changes to be up-to-date with newest privacy and if a User objects to any of the alterations to the Policy, the Consumer must stop using this “Website or extensions” and can request the removal of their Private Data.




We don’t certificate, stand for or assure that your purchase of our service is safe or error free.
We don’t warrant that after your purchase, the result will be as described, precise or free of error.
You agree that we may shut down our Services for an indefinite period of time or shut it down completely at any time, without notification.
You agree that your usage of, or incapacity to use, our Services is at your personal risk.
Our services are brought to you via our website; and are delivered ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ for your usage.
You agree that in no circumstance will, or any associate or member of staff be legally accountable for any subsequent impairment of any kind, produced by any forbidden use of any Service (including our extensions). Some authorities do not authorize the omission or the restraint of accountability for related indemnity, in such jurisdictions, our accountability should be limited to the maximum exposure permissible by the law.




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